Pipework calculation

Pipelines are the main component of power plants. As a result, most of the structural and strength calculation problems are derived from them.

The pipework calculation is carried out in accordance with ASME, KTA, DIN EN 13480, EUROCODE or special power plant rules. The ROHR2 program system from SIGMA is a powerful tool for analyzing the dynamic behaviour of piping systems. In addition to static load cases such as dead weight, internal pressure and restricted thermal expansion, dynamic problems such as earthquakes, aircraft crashes and explosion pressure waves as well as a wide range of fluid dynamic excitations can be calculated and their effects evaluated.

Together with our pressure surge program DRAKO, we are also able to realistically calculate the dynamic behaviour of pipelines under fluid dynamic loads using fluid-structure interaction (FSI). This method (FSI) takes into account the mutual influence of pipework and medium movement. Compared to the separate calculation of fluid load and pipework analysis, this results in lower, more realistic loads for the pipework and its supports.

Example: SWR quick shut-off system