Dowel verification

The quality of a support structure stands and falls with the building connection - usually dowel anchoring - and its load transfer. This is why we check the load-bearing capacity of the building connection loads through the dowel anchoring as early as the planning phase of support structures.

Anchor groups of two or four anchors on an anchor plate are often used to create building connections. The steel structure - the support structure - is attached to the dowel plate. The following fasteners are usually used:

  • Expansion dowel
  • Undercut anchor
  • Push-through anchor
  • Concrete anchor / GEWI anchor

The anchor verification is carried out in accordance with the currently valid standards such as ETAG and dIBt guidelines. The basis for this is the corresponding building authority approval of the anchors. For greater planning certainty, drilling tolerance fields are taken into account in the verifications during the planning phase. In conjunction with the load provision in the support statics, there is a load reserve in the structural connection that also tolerates major rescheduling due to uncertainties (e.g. reinforcement hits) and setting errors (e.g. impermissible sleeve countersinking).

Your advantage: Shorter installation times thanks to rapid evaluation of planning chan

Principle sketch of a Hiliti HDA-T anchor