Combustion calculation

Combustion calculations enable us to identify weak points, make system adjustments and maximize the performance of combustion systems. We analyze a wide range of parameters in the combustion process - from the air ratio and temperature distribution to combustion efficiency. This enables us to show you the greatest possible optimization potential.

Calculation of the mass balance for a waste incineration plant

For the incineration of waste such as:

  • solid waste (wood, clothing, etc.)
  • plastic (PP, PE, PVC)
  • spent solvents
  • solvents

the following data is calculated:

  • stoichiometrically required oxygen
  • required air volume
  • amount of flue gas produced
  • flue gas composition

In addition, the mass flows through the main assemblies:

  • Oven
  • Afterburner
  • Flue gas cyclone
  • Flue gas cleaning