3D flow simulation

The analysis of complex flow processes provides important insights for optimising system performance. Through the simulation of fluid movements, precise calculations and visualisations, we can identify weak points and increase the performance of the systems.

Application example: Flow and thermal calculation of an ICE control cabinet


The temperature and velocity distribution of the cooling air must be calculated for an ICE control cabinet. The calculation serves as the basis for designing the cooling of the enclosure and the enclosure door.


  • Siemens AG / Automation technology
  • Temperature distribution (inside back)Leistungsumfang

Scope of services

Creation of a 3D calculation model taking into account the boundary conditions.

Determination of

  • Temperature distribution in the enclosure
  • Required air volume flow
  • Air cooling capacity
  • Switching time of a signaling device in the event of a temperature jump

Consideration of the power loss of the modules, heat dissipation to the environment and heat absorption by dimensions or air in the enclosure. Evaluation of the results and creation of documentation.

Technical specifications

Air inlet temperature 28 °C
max. air outlet temp. 40 °C
Heat loss 1410 W
Radiation via front door 130 W
Air volume in the cabinet 0,45 m3
Cabinet / module dimensions 250 kg
Thermal switch 43 ± 3 °C